5 Causes For Your Dell Laptop Get Shut Down

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5 Causes for Your Dell Laptop Shut Down and How To Repair It For Better Performance


Dell Laptop Shut Down

When your dell laptop shut down it can be quite a big problem. Many users will first look the power switch which they have already connected to the electric switch and button should be on. This incident matter that most of the user gets switch off the button if any of the components get too hot. Generally, most of the user get dell laptop shut down before it gets arises too many or major issues in the system.

Our direction will make the 5 of the most common causes for your dell laptop shut down

Heat related issue 

First of all and usually cause is your dell laptop shut down, generally user playing game is an overheating issue. This is the most common issue generally user facing and especially who are using laptops.

This is a big and major issue that user always faces when they are playing games. Most of the laptop having mechanism to get shut down when it gets overheating

What users want to go to after getting this type of issue to arise in the laptop? The user is getting figure out what is causing the heat, and dirty fans are most usually the culprit. The user just check at your video card fans, case fans, and processor fan to see if any of them are stretching then that probably means one of them is broken.

When you are looking at the fans then just get the brush and clean them properly. They are covered with dust, hair and other messy components that make it hard for the laptop to cool itself off.

Your fans will absolutely work and thank you for it, and it will extend the life of your laptop for many years.

Hardware Issue or Error

Another common factor for irregular dell laptop shut down is a hardware component failure. If you have recently added any new hardware to your laptop this is the time to remove it to see if the shut-down issue goes away.

The hardware component to analyze first is as listed: RAM, your motherboard, power supply and, your video card.

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A laptop does not get enough electric supply

If you are a gamer and your dell laptop shut down while you are playing a game. Many games need chargers with higher voltage capacities, with the preferred voltage from 100w to 240w. However most laptop users do not express this and in fact, they use chargers that are 90 watts or less.

The gamer plays most games and they are one of the most consuming things you can do on a laptop, at that time your laptop fans run at top speed. Do not forget to keep a vacuum cleaner hose that will do a great job at cleaning those laptop vents.

Display Driver Crashed

If you are facing problems with your operating system or have changed drivers on your laptop, this too can be a major issue; generally, you are playing around with BIOS. A driver crashed had finally shut down a computer.

AMD display drivers or the AMD Catalyst Suite are two major issues with display drivers that have been known to crash. To analyze the driver that has been crashed, when your laptop starts back up look to see if you have any junk files at the top of the crash posts.

Computer Virus

The most cause of a dell laptop shut down randomly can be a malware virus. Some laptops viruses will actually shut down your laptop and then turn it back on.

These viruses are generally activated by a certain thing you do on a laptop, if you are surfing most time internet and visit unsecured websites then the problems get arises. To make sure you have your best antivirus up against viruses, make sure you have installed best anti-virus program like Malware bytes and that your virus scanner is up-to-date as well.


Clean your laptop properly and get free from any issues of getting your system dell laptop shut down. And if you fail to do this exercise, be careful about where you use your laptop. Always maintain for proper ventilation, avoid bedding and consider using a laptop cooling pad if you do not have.

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