10 Most Common Issues Arise In Dell Desktop and Solutions

10 Most Common Issues Arise In Dell Desktop and Solutions

10 Most Common Issues Arise In Dell Desktop and Solutions

dell computer not working

Dell Computer Not Working

  • The user needs to check all cables are plugged in and switches it on.
  • Then check monitor is turned on and plugged into the computer.
  • Now change the fuse in the cable. Check your extension cable if using one.
  • Try another electric working socket,If your dell computer not working
  • Change the power lead of computer.
  • Check no buttons or switches are loose.

Audio does not come from computer

  • First of all, your speakers are on and plugged into the computer
  • Then that the speaker is attached to the right port (Green to Green)
  • Check the volume is full
  • If you did not mute your speaker
  • Try new earphones to rule out broken speakers

Monitor screen shows blank

  • First of all, monitor is properly attached to the CPU,whether dell computer not working
  • Check that your monitor is plugged in and turned on
  • Whether wire to the computer is not get stretch

Desktop Boots but not starting windows

  • Can you boot your computer into safe mode? (F8 on start-up) if yes the problem is rising from some software related rather than hardware.

Run malware, virus scans in desktop

  • If dell computer not working or you cannot boot your desktop into safe mode try something new to boot into your desktops repair my computer mode to fix start-up issues
  • Try using system restore of your desktop if you can boot to safe mode or recovery to restore to a previous date

Slow internet in the desktop

  • Restart your router and restart your computer after 5 min
  • Analyze for malware and spyware infections in the computer
  • Check there are no problems with your internet provider
  • Further another reason for slow internet speeds
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Wireless connection dropping in computer

  • Reboot both the computer and the router start after 5 min
  • Change the wireless channel of your computer
  • Move the router to the central region
  • Keep your network using power line
  • Keep your wireless network with a Wireless N Range Extender
  • If your antenna is removable replace with a TP-Link TL-ANT2405C 2.4GHz 5dbi use indoor Omni-Directional Antenna.

The mouse does not work properly

  • Analyze that your mouse is connected correctly to the port of the computer.
  • If it is a wireless mouse then change mouse batteries.
  • Check mouse is being picked up by the receiver (likely a red light on the bottom of mouse).
  • Examine that receiver has not fallen out of range

The keyboard is not working

  • Check batteries of Keyboard if it is wireless, sometimes dell computer not working
  • Check it is connected properly with the port
  • Sure that it is being picked up by the receiver (red light on bottom)

The computer running very slow and it got hanged

  • Check that antivirus scans are activating or not   
  • Close some programs if running multiple programs
  • Check malware and virus
  • The low memory of the computer

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