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How to Resolve the Paper Jam Issue in Dell V305 Printer?

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It is the extremely irritating minute when you stay with your Dell Printer in view of its dell printer jam problem. It severely hampers the efficiency, particularly when you are managing your business or working in occupied office condition. There are a few purposes behind this issue, for example, contrary, torn, dump and wrinkled paper. These issues are to some degree unavoidable, it can happen from time to time yet by dealing with the certain thing this glitch can be limited however much as could be expected. Relatively, Dell V305 printer accompanies the little size, in this way expelling the Dell printer jam problem is fairly a straightforward procedure in this printer.

Dell Printer Support Presents You With The Complete Solution To Fix This Issue.

dell printer jam problem

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You just need to follow these described steps for clearing the paper jam error:

  • Press the power catch to kill the Dell V305 printer and detach the power rope from the primary
  • Gently open the gadget body and haul out the stack painstakingly. On the off chance that this is rumpled and caught in the cabinet, attempt to haul it out delicately.
  • If the stack isn’t obvious at that point to hoist the scanner to get to the sheet. Ensure, you have expelled all the torn and caught piece of paper.
  • Put the sheet on the level surface and make it in the correct condition, ensure the paper you are utilizing is perfect with the printer. Besides, it ought to be in a similar size and type.
  • Close the scanner and reload the sheet. Push the tenderly to put it in the correct position. Turn on the gadget and reproduce the records once more. It should work now.

These are essentially the straightforward advances our specialists have clarified you. Be that as it may, there might be other reason for this glitch. In the event that you are not happy with the process given, you can look for assistance from nerds. Simply interface with and get the moment goals for every one of your Dell printer jam problem. They won’t just help you with this specific issue yet, in addition, give the all-around portrayed arrangement in some other comparative issue.

How to resolve the most common Dell XPS 13 errors?

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The Dell XPS 13 has to be one of my favorite Dell laptops of recent times. It’s small, ultra-portable, has decent battery life and plenty of power. What more could you require? Oh wait, I forgot to add the QHD touchscreen and Windows 10! All that said, living with the Dell laptop hasn’t been without its challenges. That’s why I share some experience about Dell laptop XPS 13 and together with the list of the top 10 most common Dell XPS 13 issues and how to resolve them.

Battery life

While the battery in the Dell Laptop XPS 13 is impressive, running a QHD touchscreen is energy saving. To get a little more out of the battery you can do two normal procedures. One, update the BIOS diver as Dell innovate fix that can aim up to 25% more life from the Dell battery. Two, dim the screen of the laptop a bit to save power draw.

Display driver errors

My Dell laptop XPS 13 had a few display errors when I first bought it. They were clearly software so I decided to resolve it myself. Dell also identified an issue and released an updated Dell display graphics driver back in January.

  • Search to the Dell Product Support website and download the latest graphics Dell display graphics drivers.
  • Install, tap yes to make changes to your laptop and let the wizard install the latest drivers.
  • Reboot your Dell laptop and restart.

How to resolve the most common Dell XPS 13 errors

Resolve the webcam

The webcam on the Dell XPS 13 is oddly positioned and was best at taking face shots rather than a selfie. Certainly, you can do something more about that although it is a little issue.

  • Tap Ctrl, Alt, left arrow and the Home key button on your XPS. The screen of your laptop should rotate 90 degrees angle.
  • Turn your Dell laptop onto its side when you use your webcam.
  • Tap Ctrl, Alt, right arrow and the Home key button to return it to normal.

Resolve the audio device

One common Dell XPS 13 error I keep hearing about issues with audio. If it intermittently cuts out or break or doesn’t work when you start your laptop. A simple driver install will resolve that.

  • Right tap on the Windows Start button and choose Device Manager Option.
  • Mark the audio device within the window.
  • Right tap and choose Update audio device drivers. Let Windows do itself.
  • Or visit the Dell Product Support website and you can manually download the driver.

USB-C disconnecting

USB-C is a great upgrade in the new Dell XPS 13 but it has an issue with intermittently cutting out. Dell is aware and has a workaround until a patch is released. By reducing the Wi-Fi output to 75%, it stops this happening.

  • Right click on the Windows Start button and select Device Manager.
  • Right click on your Wi-Fi card and select Properties.
  • Select advanced options and reduce the Wi-Fi output to 75%.

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Weak Wi-Fi signal

Another issue with the built-in Wi-Fi card in the laptop is that it is pretty weak. It seems even moving a few feet away from a router can lose the signal altogether. There are two ways to fix this. Either, update the driver direct from the Dell website as above or replace the Wi-Fi card. We will be doing a tutorial soon on changing the card.

Not charging while connected to the mains

Another common issue with the Dell XPS is not charging while connected to a mains charger. This one is easy to fix though.

  • Unplug from the charger, turn off your laptop and remove the battery.
  • Hold down the laptop power button for 15 seconds.
  • Replace the battery and boot the laptop.
  • Plug back into the mains charger and retest.

Scrolling issue using the touchscreen

I did have an issue where the touchscreen seemed to lose concentration and would occasionally ignore my gestures. An update of Dell drivers fixed that issue, so repeat the steps described in item four and update the drivers.

LCD flickering at low brightness

One way to get more battery life out of your laptop is to lower your brightness. But if you use the lowest setting the screen can flicker. I experienced this earlier this year but a BIOS update released in July 2016 fixes it.

Excessive heat

The final issue common to Dell XPS 13 laptops is that of heat. The machine can become very hot, even when not using it for gaming or that intensely. The fan does kick in when required but takes a while to cool things down. This is one issue I haven’t been able to fix aside from not using it on my knees and using a laptop cooler pad instead.

How to Connect a Dell Printer To A Laptop?

How to Connect a Dell Printer To A Laptop?

A client can associate with the Dell printer by means of the wired association and also through remote. The printer can be downloaded on a Windows and furthermore on a Mac PC. When it is associated, at that point the client can share the printing machine to the home system which empowers different PCs in the house to print from it.

How to Connect a Dell Printer To A Laptop

Let’s examine it in detail:

  1. Sharing a dell printer to a system on Mac

  • Right off the bat, you need to introduce the Dell programming on the Mac.
  • Explore to the Apple symbol on the upper left corner of the work area screen.
  • Select System Preferences starting from the drop list.
  • Presently, tap on sharing catch.
  • Check mark the case titled as “Printer Sharing”.
  • Next, you need to check mark the case on the printer which you need to share.
  • Go to framework inclinations again and select Print and Scan catch.
  • Tap on the in addition to symbol at the base the accessible rundown.
  • Go to Windows tab at the highest point of the window and select the name of the printing machine from the rundown.

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  1. Sharing a printer to a system on Windows

  • Introduce the printer on your Windows working framework.
  • Go to Start menu catch, click Settings and after that select Network and Internet.
  • Presently, tap on Status catch from the upper left half of the window.
  • Select Sharing Options situated beneath “Change your system settings” alternative.
  • Move the pointer of the mouse on Private alternative to extend the segment.
  • Check mark the alternative “Turn on document and printer sharing” circle.
  • Presently you interface from different Windows PC on the system. Pursue indistinguishable strides from specified above in the wake of tapping on framework inclinations.

You can simply approach us for help with print-related issues. You simply need to pick the telephone, dial our without toll Dell Printer Support Number +1-877-353-1149 to get the answer for your impediments. We are especially skilled to convey you finish help and support with respect to print related issues. We can help you in duplicating, filtering and additionally issues identified with printing. Our architects are profoundly experienced and constantly prepared to convey you finish help.

10 Most Common Issues Arise In Dell Desktop and Solutions

10 Most Common Issues Arise In Dell Desktop and Solutions

dell computer not working

Dell Computer Not Working

  • The user needs to check all cables are plugged in and switches it on.
  • Then check monitor is turned on and plugged into the computer.
  • Now change the fuse in the cable. Check your extension cable if using one.
  • Try another electric working socket,If your dell computer not working
  • Change the power lead of computer.
  • Check no buttons or switches are loose.

Audio does not come from computer

  • First of all, your speakers are on and plugged into the computer
  • Then that the speaker is attached to the right port (Green to Green)
  • Check the volume is full
  • If you did not mute your speaker
  • Try new earphones to rule out broken speakers

Monitor screen shows blank

  • First of all, monitor is properly attached to the CPU,whether dell computer not working
  • Check that your monitor is plugged in and turned on
  • Whether wire to the computer is not get stretch

Desktop Boots but not starting windows

  • Can you boot your computer into safe mode? (F8 on start-up) if yes the problem is rising from some software related rather than hardware.

Run malware, virus scans in desktop

  • If dell computer not working or you cannot boot your desktop into safe mode try something new to boot into your desktops repair my computer mode to fix start-up issues
  • Try using system restore of your desktop if you can boot to safe mode or recovery to restore to a previous date

Slow internet in the desktop

  • Restart your router and restart your computer after 5 min
  • Analyze for malware and spyware infections in the computer
  • Check there are no problems with your internet provider
  • Further another reason for slow internet speeds
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Wireless connection dropping in computer

  • Reboot both the computer and the router start after 5 min
  • Change the wireless channel of your computer
  • Move the router to the central region
  • Keep your network using power line
  • Keep your wireless network with a Wireless N Range Extender
  • If your antenna is removable replace with a TP-Link TL-ANT2405C 2.4GHz 5dbi use indoor Omni-Directional Antenna.

The mouse does not work properly

  • Analyze that your mouse is connected correctly to the port of the computer.
  • If it is a wireless mouse then change mouse batteries.
  • Check mouse is being picked up by the receiver (likely a red light on the bottom of mouse).
  • Examine that receiver has not fallen out of range

The keyboard is not working

  • Check batteries of Keyboard if it is wireless, sometimes dell computer not working
  • Check it is connected properly with the port
  • Sure that it is being picked up by the receiver (red light on bottom)

The computer running very slow and it got hanged

  • Check that antivirus scans are activating or not   
  • Close some programs if running multiple programs
  • Check malware and virus
  • The low memory of the computer

5 Causes For Your Dell Laptop Get Shut Down

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5 Causes for Your Dell Laptop Shut Down and How To Repair It For Better Performance


Dell Laptop Shut Down

When your dell laptop shut down it can be quite a big problem. Many users will first look the power switch which they have already connected to the electric switch and button should be on. This incident matter that most of the user gets switch off the button if any of the components get too hot. Generally, most of the user get dell laptop shut down before it gets arises too many or major issues in the system.

Our direction will make the 5 of the most common causes for your dell laptop shut down

Heat related issue 

First of all and usually cause is your dell laptop shut down, generally user playing game is an overheating issue. This is the most common issue generally user facing and especially who are using laptops.

This is a big and major issue that user always faces when they are playing games. Most of the laptop having mechanism to get shut down when it gets overheating

What users want to go to after getting this type of issue to arise in the laptop? The user is getting figure out what is causing the heat, and dirty fans are most usually the culprit. The user just check at your video card fans, case fans, and processor fan to see if any of them are stretching then that probably means one of them is broken.

When you are looking at the fans then just get the brush and clean them properly. They are covered with dust, hair and other messy components that make it hard for the laptop to cool itself off.

Your fans will absolutely work and thank you for it, and it will extend the life of your laptop for many years.

Hardware Issue or Error

Another common factor for irregular dell laptop shut down is a hardware component failure. If you have recently added any new hardware to your laptop this is the time to remove it to see if the shut-down issue goes away.

The hardware component to analyze first is as listed: RAM, your motherboard, power supply and, your video card.

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A laptop does not get enough electric supply

If you are a gamer and your dell laptop shut down while you are playing a game. Many games need chargers with higher voltage capacities, with the preferred voltage from 100w to 240w. However most laptop users do not express this and in fact, they use chargers that are 90 watts or less.

The gamer plays most games and they are one of the most consuming things you can do on a laptop, at that time your laptop fans run at top speed. Do not forget to keep a vacuum cleaner hose that will do a great job at cleaning those laptop vents.

Display Driver Crashed

If you are facing problems with your operating system or have changed drivers on your laptop, this too can be a major issue; generally, you are playing around with BIOS. A driver crashed had finally shut down a computer.

AMD display drivers or the AMD Catalyst Suite are two major issues with display drivers that have been known to crash. To analyze the driver that has been crashed, when your laptop starts back up look to see if you have any junk files at the top of the crash posts.

Computer Virus

The most cause of a dell laptop shut down randomly can be a malware virus. Some laptops viruses will actually shut down your laptop and then turn it back on.

These viruses are generally activated by a certain thing you do on a laptop, if you are surfing most time internet and visit unsecured websites then the problems get arises. To make sure you have your best antivirus up against viruses, make sure you have installed best anti-virus program like Malware bytes and that your virus scanner is up-to-date as well.


Clean your laptop properly and get free from any issues of getting your system dell laptop shut down. And if you fail to do this exercise, be careful about where you use your laptop. Always maintain for proper ventilation, avoid bedding and consider using a laptop cooling pad if you do not have.